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Maintaining Good Health Is More Important In Highly Populated Countries Like Texas.

Health Condition In Texas

Texas which a very famous and known be one of the best states in the United States is falling back when it comes to health. Many life-threatening diseases like cancer have drastically increased in the past decade. Its high time for the people of Texas to give more importance to their health.


The best care is more important

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We make sure use the best equipment for the treatment and the diagnostic purposes. This helps to provide the best treatments to our patients.

Surgical Implants

Code Red Texas is known to have one of the highest success rates when it comes to surgical implants not just in the state but also in the whole country.

Focused Care

We make sure to provide individual attention to every patient and offer them the best treatment procedures.

Affordable Health Insurance

Having health insurance is not luxury, it is mandatory. Code Red Texas offers you the best health insurance that covers all the medical conditions.

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Code Red Texas is definitely one of the best. The make sure that every patient gets individual attention and the best medical care.
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What Happens If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

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There are reasons for people to believe that health insurance can be a very expensive ordeal. People also take their youth and good health for granted and hence, avoid ever investing in a health insurance plan since not having one can help save one a considerable sum of money.

But the recent Affordable Care Act has mandated everyone to have health insurance and also make it more accessible to everyone, especially for ones who are finding it hard to afford a plan. Failing to get one can also force you to pay a penalty which would increase every year.

The penalties imposed on you will be highlighted when you have to file your taxes and this fine, last year, was 2.5% of the income grossed by the household. This percentage is also expected to increase this year.


Although there isn’t anything wrong with paying extra, you’ll still need to set an amount of money to the side which can significantly reduce your budget. Not to mention, you’ll also have to deal with all the medical expenses yourself.

With health insurance, you’ll be able to keep your finances in check to a considerable extent.

Now that we have looked at what would happen if you do not have health insurance, let us look at fundamental reasons as to why you should get one.

  1. Unforeseeable accidents which can turn out to burn a massive hole in your pocket can be dealt with health insurance. Treatments that span a very long time can also be covered with the help of one if said treatment requires you to spend a long time in the hospital.


  1. Preventive care is easier to provide when you have health insurance so that you can avoid procedures that are expensive. These can be as small as taking care of the sinus infection that has been plaguing you since forever or even your ear. All of these can be checked by visiting the physician every year and thereby eliminate bills that are very high.


  1. Your life can be negatively affected if you have very high medical debts as it can hamper both the quality of how you live as well as your health. Health insurances can help you avoid just this. Although there are plans that various hospitals offer which will help you by having a payment plan in place, it’ll still take a very long time, possibly years, for you to pay the bills completely.

Everything you need to know about health insurance


Choosing a health insurance plan and investing in it can be one of the most critical investments one can make as it covers a plethora of health mishaps and problems that could, without insurance, cost you a lot of money. Apart from regular consultations, health insurance can also help you cover surgeries as well.

Even though many of the advantages that a health insurance offers are known to the public, there are Americans that do not have any form of health insurance. Adults that have to pay nearly a third of the expenses from their pocket were greater than 45 million.

By doing so most of them had to file for bankruptcy since they couldn’t cope up with the medical bills they were handed.

When it comes to health insurance in the United States, there are two categories. These categories are based whether you take it for your family or yourself and whether your employer or college provides you with one. Hence, the former is called individual coverage whereas the latter is called group coverage.

The regulations, as well as the parameters, were changed significantly with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act. Before, people with preexisting health problems were discouraged from getting health insurance whereas now, plans are mandated to cover people with the said condition.

Within the scope of this article, we’ll cover individual health insurance without going extremely deep into it.

There are three types of coverage pathways which are as follows

  • Insurance type where the providers are inside the ACA healthcare exchange.
  • Insurance type where the providers are outside the ACA healthcare exchange
  • Short terms policies.


1.     Within ACA healthcare exchange

The ACA healthcare exchange was created during the Obama Administration so that individuals were served a list in the form of an online marketplace. The plans offered by various providers were further divided into the following categories

  • Bronze: The holder would pay 40%, and the rest is covered by the plan.
  • Silver: The holder would pay 30%
  • Gold: the holder would only need to pay 20%
  • Platinum: The holder would only need to pay 10%.
  • Catastrophic: The holder would have to pay more than 40%.

2.     Outside the ACA healthcare exchange

These plans are usually taken by individuals that do not have a group insurance coverage. If they do not, said individuals would have to pay a penalty that increases every year, although individuals seeking insurance wouldn’t necessarily have to pick one out of the ACA exchange.

3.     Short-term policies

Individuals who are waiting for their insurance policy to take effect or who are uninsured usually take advantage of this option. But the requirements of short-term policies do not meet the ones set by the ACA healthcare exchange.

Here’s why health insurance is different from other insurance


An insurance cover is something we all need to have – to keep our homes, our assets and our future secure. Most of the times, we go in for all-comprehensive insurance policies – which act as protecting agents for our assets. But what about the policies which secure our lives, our health? Yes, you’re right, I’m talking about health insurance. Why is it advisable and ideal to have separate health insurance? And what is it that sets apart health insurance from other types of insurances? Let’s have a look:

When it comes to other insurance policies for movable and immovable assets, the three main aspects that are considered are –

  1. Wealth, which is the property itself
  2. Probability of loss
  3. Quantification of this loss


Now, for example, motor car insurance, in case of an accident, the car will get damaged – this will satisfy the first two conditions. When it comes to quantification of this loss, it’s pretty easy to do the same too. The parts of the car that have been damaged can be quantified, keeping their market values in mind.

What happens in health insurance is that it doesn’t meet any of the aspects mentioned above. And the reason behind this? Health – it’s intangible and unquantifiable. How can you calculate the amount of damage caused when a person falls sick due to any major or minor cause? You, of course, cannot. Good health is the happy state of mind and body. And health is a right that’s entitled to all, which is one main reason why everybody should have their health insurance in place.

Another point that separates health insurance from other insurances is the probability and surety factor. When it comes to other insurances, they will be claimed only if there is any loss. Continuing with the previous example, you may be an excellent driver and never meet with an accident in your entire life – which means your motor car insurance goes unclaimed. But when it comes to health, everyone at one point in their life has to claim. Because we’re all going to need the aid of health insurance to cover the expenses of the illnesses we fall prey to as we age – no matter the gravity of the illness, we’re all pretty aware of the fact that hospital bills are high. And they definitely take a toll on your finances if you don’t have insurance in place.

Health is something we are all entitled to, and we should understand the importance of preserving this entitlement and making sure we do all we can to secure and protect it by buying health insurance.

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