What Happens If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

There are reasons for people to believe that health insurance can be a very expensive ordeal. People also take their youth and good health for granted and hence, avoid ever investing in a health insurance plan since not having one can help save one a considerable sum of money.

But the recent Affordable Care Act has mandated everyone to have health insurance and also make it more accessible to everyone, especially for ones who are finding it hard to afford a plan. Failing to get one can also force you to pay a penalty which would increase every year.

The penalties imposed on you will be highlighted when you have to file your taxes and this fine, last year, was 2.5% of the income grossed by the household. This percentage is also expected to increase this year.


Although there isn’t anything wrong with paying extra, you’ll still need to set an amount of money to the side which can significantly reduce your budget. Not to mention, you’ll also have to deal with all the medical expenses yourself.

With health insurance, you’ll be able to keep your finances in check to a considerable extent.

Now that we have looked at what would happen if you do not have health insurance, let us look at fundamental reasons as to why you should get one.

  1. Unforeseeable accidents which can turn out to burn a massive hole in your pocket can be dealt with health insurance. Treatments that span a very long time can also be covered with the help of one if said treatment requires you to spend a long time in the hospital.


  1. Preventive care is easier to provide when you have health insurance so that you can avoid procedures that are expensive. These can be as small as taking care of the sinus infection that has been plaguing you since forever or even your ear. All of these can be checked by visiting the physician every year and thereby eliminate bills that are very high.


  1. Your life can be negatively affected if you have very high medical debts as it can hamper both the quality of how you live as well as your health. Health insurances can help you avoid just this. Although there are plans that various hospitals offer which will help you by having a payment plan in place, it’ll still take a very long time, possibly years, for you to pay the bills completely.